Friday, August 05, 2005

Best Practice Implementation

So many opportunities so little time. If we are given a choice where can the State get the most value? What are the “best” best practices that will deliver the greatest business value to the State? CIO Magazine, in the May 1, 2004, issue suggested some possible high value areas in terms of effectiveness and best practice utilization that could apply to the State including:

1. “Regularly use portfolio management or other project prioritization methodology.”
2. “Employ internal relationship managers/account executives to work with the business.”
3. “Regularly use project management methodologies.”
4. “Conduct regular strategic planning meetings to achieve alignment.”
5. “Conduct internal customer satisfaction surveys.”
6. “Create and use performance metrics.”
7. “Perform financial audits.”
8. “Conduct IT staff talent gap analysis.”
9. “Win and showcase IT awards.”
10. “Establish a project management office.”

If this is an effective top 10 list of things that might matter to the State, what are the implications? As an IT organization we need to:

1. Pay serious attention to the organization and implementation of portfolio and project management.

2. Establish a comprehensive strategic planning process with our agency customers.

3. Ensure that our customer relationship, and related communication processes, and supporting infrastructure are capable and well designed.

4. Be sure our financial processes are well defined and that we have appropriate controls, financial reporting, and billing, that meets the needs of customers and stakeholders.

5. Leverage the results of our comprehensive skill inventory to help our employees improve their capabilities.

6. We need to organize so we can effectively showcase our successes.

This is an interesting list of fairly high value opportunities. As we ponder organizational issues with establishing the Department of Technology Services (DTS) we should keep these areas in the forefront and not be distracted by lower value "turf" related issues that will inevitably arise.


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